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Our fleet and equipment

At Star Ski Sports, we hire and sell fours types of mountain bikes during the summer in Morzine for both adult and children in order to fit your needs. We offer a selection of the best Kona and Bergamont mountain bikes for both children and adults. Discounts are available depending on the number of hire days. Please check with us at the shop for more information.

Adult Kona and Bergamont mountain bikes

VTT X-COUNTRY Kona Fire Moutain

The Kona fire Mountain bike is designed for leisure tours and is ideal for climbers who want to make the most of Morzine and its surrounding area (learn more about this bike).

VTT FREERIDE Kona Process 153 29 et 27,5

The Kona Process 153 mountain bike is rather designed for “comfort” tours with more efficient suspension systems but is heavier than a cross-country bike.(learn more about this bike).

VTT FREERIDE/DH Kona Operator et Bergamont Straitline 9

The Kona Operator or the Bergamont Staitline Elite are fully designed for downhill and freeride mountain biking.(learn more about this bike)

Bergamont E-mountain bikes

E-Bike Bergamont E-Trailster Expert 29

With the Bergamont E-Trailster Sport you can head off on long rides on challenging terrain that last several days. The Bergamont E-Trailster Expert 29 is a full-suspension, All Mountain bike with 140 to 150 mm suspension travel. The design is balanced between 50% uphill use and 50% downhill use.(learn more about this bike)

E-Bike Bergamont E Revox Sport

The Bergamont E-Revoxis a hardtail built for use on rough terrain. It’s intended for use on any kind of trail – whether you’re on a downhill, flat or uphill stretch. The wide 29 tyres provide extra grip and safety..(learn more about this bike)

E-Bike Bergamont E Revox Junior

Getting started in E-MTB riding is child’s play with a child-specific frame geometry and safe 24″ Plus tires (learn more about this bike)

Kona and Bergamont / junior/ kid mountain bikes

VTT Kona Process 24 ou Bergamont Big Air Tyro 24

The world’s best 24′ full suspension bike underwent a complete redesign last year. The design of the new frame has lower Rockers, a much finer look and a suspension system that is even more comfortable.(learn more about this bike)

VTT Kona Honzo 24

With a frame redesigned last year, one of our legendary bikes for children allows 8-12 years old kids to do what they want: ride fast and have fun. (learn more about this bike)

VTT Commencal Clash 20

The main thing is to make the progression to real downhill mountain biking gently and for this they need the right vehicle. Although it must be recognised that the majority of bike resorts first thought of building trails for experts, there is now a lot of easy green and blue runs too, which are ideal for them.

VTT Kona Honzo 20

The youngest riders are in the game ! Here is the bike for 5-8 years old children who have a craving to ride just like adults. One of the only 20′ bikes in the world that is featuring disc brakes. (learn more about this bike)

Equipment and protective gear !

At Star Ski Sports, you will also find all the equipment needed for mountain bike riding, including FOX gear and accessories: body protective gear, helmets… for hire or for sale. Meet us at the shop to benefit from our team’s advice. 

Photos of our bikes

Kona OperatorBergamont Straitline 9Kona Process 153 27,5Kona Process 153 29Kona Process 134 275Bergamont E Trailster ExpertBergamont E Revox SportKona Fire MountainKona Process 24bergamont big airBergamont E Revox juniorKona Honzo 24Commencal Clash 20Kona Honzo 20

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