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What is the Ski-Mojo ?

The Ski~Mojo is not just a knee pad for injured skiers but a new generation orthosis (an exoskeleton more precisely) that, aimed at all skiers, increases performance and pleasure tenfold

The extra endurance and power it brings delays fatigue so much that it allows you toski 100% sport and fun day after day, with even more efficiency.In addition, your potential joint pain (knees, hips or back) or muscle pain are greatly reduced or disappear.  

Thanks to Ski~Mojo, the trajectories become even more accurate with increased ski bite.And in powder, those who don’t have it will now have trouble keeping up with you.

Ski~Mojo makes you ski better and longer.This is why over 92% of people who have tried it say, “Bluffed and excited.”

Come and try it with us!


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